About Us
About Our Business

In 1954 Fraser Kennel was established in Gallatin, NY.  
Started by Helen Paterson with support from her family, this
Kennel has continued to grow and maintain continuous
business for over 50 years.  
This family business looks to satisfy customers by providing
premium professional grooming and a stress-free environment
for pets.  Helen's 60 years of professional experience consists
of  grooming and training AKC English Cockers for Ancram
Kennel under Joyce Scott Payne, breeder of Ancram's Simon,
training an array of breeds for sport or show,  and judging local
dog shows.  
The Kennel has always tried to support its community by
sponsoring a youth baseball team, providing animal care for
local senior citizens, and providing shelter for numerous rescued
Over the years, three generations of children have grown-
up working and playing in this Kennel. This family approach
places many pets and  their owners at ease, while they are
apart.  This has contributed to the success of Fraser Kennels in
caring for all the animals that have come through the doors of
Helen's Little Kennel in the rolling hills of Gallatin, New York.
Meet Our Furry Family
Star Baby
Our Furry friends in Florida!
Star Baby and Bella
Missy and Cocoa